Ross Connealy

Fifty-five years–WOW!  It will be great to see old friends and classmates.
Let’s see–what have I been doing since high school graduation?
1967-70———–Law School
1970-2001——-U.S. Department of Justice
Since my retirement in 2001, I have kept busy with volunteer work, painting, home improvement stuff and grandkids.  Between my wife Joan and I, we have five sons, two grandsons and five granddaughters.  Joan and I provide full-time care for our special needs grandchild, Sarah.  That in itself keeps us very busy.  As noted, I continue to paint which gives me great pleasure and accomplishment–every one needs a hobby.
I have enclosed a photo taken in August of this year during a visit to my 107 year-old Mother.  While she is very frail, she is still going strong–hard to believe.   Sarah is also in the picture.
I am enjoying life, feel very blessed and look forward to seeing my old buddies.

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