Richard Jeffrey

I came to Tulsa, Ok in Sept. 1958, my junior year. Graduated Edison High School with a class of 650 classmates. What a difference from George Mason.

Attended Tulsa University for 3 semesters with a music scholarship (I know Dr. Scholl would be happy to hear that)

Enlisted in the U. S. Navy Jan 1962 and spent 4 1/2 years on active duty attaining the rating of E-5 Aviation Boatswains Mate

Returned to Oklahoma in Sept 1966 and attended Oklahoma State University graduating with a B. S., Finance Major in July of 1968.

Went to Chicago, met my wife of 40 years, Susan Ann Kimbell.

We returned to Tulsa Ok in July of 1973 and have lived here ever since.

I worked for 10 years at several Commercial Banks in Chicago and here in Tulsa.

In 1976, I joined Bache and Co. as a financial advisor. Then in 1982, I moved to then Dean Witter Reynolds and subsequently Dean Witter Morgan Stanley and now Morgan Stanley where I stayed for 22 years and retired in Sept of 2004.

We have two children and two grandchildren: Daughter Deborah Sue who is married and is a School Counselor at a local Catholic private High School here in Tulsa. She has two daughters ages 4 and 6.My daughter graduated from Oklahoma University.

Our son is a Tulsa County Sheriff and is a patrol officer on the graveyard shift. He is married with no children. He also graduated from Oklahoma State University.

I have officiated High School and College sports for 30 years.

I did Soccer for 15 years and quit when I turned 50. I have been umpiring High School and small College ball for 25 years and will be active this year as long as my knees hold out.

Otherwise my wife Sue and I play a lot of golf. We play at a local club here in Tulsa about a mile from our house and I play about 4 or 5 times a week except during ball season.

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