Pat Govern Fuisz

After graduating from Georgetown School of Nursing, I married and had three sons, Tony, John and Joe. When my marriage ended, I returned to graduate school, New York University, moved to a summer house in Pennsylvania. I worked as a clinical nurse specialist in mental health in a variety of settings, inpatient, partial, outpatient, home care & private practice. Five years ago I retired from full time work but kept two days of therapy sessions. Retirement means freedom to choose.

At this point I enjoy yoga, Tai Chi classes weekly, exercises at the community center, travel (I was in Australia and New Zealand in November and will go to France in October), volunteer work (St Vincent de Paul, CISM & food pantry), time with family, grandchildren, gardening and art mosaic tile classes.
My grands range from 20 years (Richard, a junior at Stanford) to Kate nearly two years. Grace just started Kenyon. A gifted singer and songwriter, she won a national songwriter award last year. Nick is 12 and a great soccer player Santi and Ano Paulina (7 & 5 years) live in Florida.

What matters most to me is the wellbeing of my sons and their families and my brothers and their families. While my work has been and is important and I enjoy it, it has always been my children who matter more.

I’m enjoying this part of my life tremendously. I feel well and blessed to have the freedom to make travel plans and particularly to spend time doing exactly what I want to do.

Look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and wish you safe travels.

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