Mike Mahan

I joined the Navy in September 1964. OCS in Newport, Rhode Island. Commissioned an Ensign in February 1965. George Mason small world story #1: ran into Hugh O’Hara at OCS when I inspected his section. Spent a year in and around Danang RVN, the ap duty on the staff of the Commandant Naval District Washington inspecting officer’s clubs and hanging out at Embassy functions.

After the Navy, I went to San Francisco and then to Hawaii FOR 1 years to sun, surf and carouse. I knew I needed to cover myself for resume purposes so I enrolled in a MBA program and somehow managed to graduate. George Mason small world story #2: Bill Henderson and Talvo Ahola were in a class with. I spent 1970 in the LA area playing around but got a job in the travel industry to account for the time before the real world caught up to me. George Mason small world story #3: I bumped into Lee Rhodes on the Sunset Strip where he was running a restaurant. I decided to get my act together in January 1971. Became a Postal Inspector and spent the next 22 years investigating organized crime, complex mail fraud and other financial crime cases for the US Attorney in Chicago. Retired January 1993. I did some PI work but decided that I would rather travel the world than make more money. I was going to write a book about the best bars in the world but soon discovered that I would rather drink in them than write about them so much for the book! I spent the last 17 years traveling Katmandu, Amazon, Nile, SE Asia, South Pacific, Greece, Turkey, etc. I am planning a safari to Kenya or South Africa in 2011. I guess my life turned out about the way I thought it would way back in 1960 never really settled down and did pretty much what I wanted. Regrets Have none! I haven’t been back to Falls Church since our 30th. Now the 50th? Where did the years go? But who cares? I always toast the sunset – another day above the grass.

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