Joel Richard Casey

Joel Richard Casey

1941 ~ 2013
On March 17, 2013, St. Patrick’s Day, Joel R. Casey checked out. We are certain that he received a warm, “Welcome Home,” from the Casey Clan and friends on the other side.

Joel was born September 12, 1941, in Florida, to Lillian Lois Hunter Casey and Col. Edward R. Casey (USAF), who preceded him into the Eternal Realm, along with his beloved brother Duffy (Richard Brian) Casey. He is survived by his beloved nephew Oliver Casey of Salt Lake City, Utah, and nephew Brandon Joseph Casey and grand-nephews Ethan and Ronan Casey of San Jose, California.

Joel was a professional in the intuitive arts, and a clairvoyant who served humanity as a Lightworker and as an inter- dimensional healer, trained by the Tibetan Foundation of Youngtown, Arizona. He was the author of the book, BEING – THE SPIRITUAL PATH TO AN AUTHENTIC LIFE, about his life experiences and metaphysical teachings. He had a deeply felt connection to Spirit and the spirit world. He loved to travel and spend time in the mountains of Utah, by the ocean in Santa Barbara, California, and the red rock country around St. George, Utah, where he made his transition. He loved the beauty of nature and energy of rocks.

The Casey’s extend gratitude and blessings to his friends and especially John Lowe for his constant support, help, and friendship. To quote Joel from his book, “Death isn’t what it seems to be….we were to each other, we still are… nothing has changed… Laugh at the little jokes we enjoyed together. Smile, think of me and pray for me. Know your prayers are wonderful gifts and your thoughts are like a gentle tap on my shoulder…. Please understand that all is well.”

Published in Salt Lake Tribune. Apr. 6 to Apr. 7, 2013

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