Evelyn Case Cheatham and Larry Cheatham

Evelyn Case and Larry Cheatham got married, imagine that. It has been forty six years now, not so long ago in memory. Some walk through the forest keeping their eye on the path and some take the road less traveled. Evelyn and Larry just sort of ambled crookedly along, occasionally bumping into trees, getting tangled in briars, stopping to plant gardens in the sunny spots. Along the way they produced two daughters who turned out to be very nice people who married and figured out the art of procreation on their own, producing three children who also show great prospect of being nice people. Evelyn and Larry have pretty much finished their walkabout now and have the big picture mostly figured out, so they are able to concentrate on the important things. Why, just this morning Evelyn baked a loaf of molasses oatmeal bread and Larry watched a Carolina Wren pulling a brown pine needle out of the snow. Isn’t that something? And each little detail they see brings up a memory from a very full life that mostly began at George Mason. That is why they will see you all for the fiftieth–if they don’t get lost. They prefer to take the back roads.

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