Don Machrowicz

Howdy from Texas! Had a great visit from Hugh and Bev O’Hara this summer. Hope more of you will say “Hi” if you are down this way. I married a hillbilly from West Virginia (Jeanne) and we moved to Houston in ’75 where we live near our daughter Lora and her family. Houston is one of the last vestiges of the wild ,wild west. The folks down here don’t believe in “Big Guvmint” telling them what to do. Believe it or not , there’s no zoning in Houston. You might find a church next to a tattoo parlor next to an old age home. The Governor is running for re-election on a platform of seceding from the union If you drive into Houston with out- of- state tags, you’re liable to get pulled over and asked if you are carrying any concealed weapons. If you say “no” they will issue you one. Despite all this, or maybe because of it , we have been able to make a living in real estate. I also write a little which may surprise those of you who were in English class with me. Email me at for a free copy of my book “The Greatest Flag That ever Lived” I’d love to hear from you. Don (you can still call me Donny) Machrowicz

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