Bill Smith

Wow, 50 years! Time has flown by and each year seems to pass more quickly. Many thanks to Luke for the 60’s website and for keeping us informed during these 5 decades. My condolences for the classmates that are no longer with us, especially my inseparable friend in high school, Steve McNamara. Steve was so accomplished and was such a positive influence.

I have read each of your posted ‘Virtual Profiles’ and by comparison, my life and my achievements are mundane. As hard as I tried, I never succeeded at ending war, or stopping political graft, and was never able to find a cure for the common cold. On a lesser note, I did graduate college, served in the 10th Special Forces, and worked several years as a construction estimator and a business partner until my retirement.

I am on my second marriage, and this one works because my wife Avis is one of the kindest, most gentle, and loving persons on this earth. There are 3 children from her previous marriage, and we have 6 grandchildren, 3 great grandchildren, and 2 more “greats” are in the incubator. Our home is in Harrisonburg, VA, where we are involved separately and jointly in community activities and service.

Please keep those interesting ‘Profiles’ updated, and I wish the very best to each of you. (written 10-17-10)

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