Ben Schneider

I went to Elon College just outside Burlington, NC between 1960 and 1965. In April of 1965, I was drafted into the US Army assigned to the artillery branch. I applied and was accepted to the Officer Candidate School in Ft. Sill, Oklahoma where I graduated in April 1966 as a second lieutenant. My first assignment was with the US Army Training Center, Ft. Benning, Georgia. Shortly after arriving in Ft. Benning, I met my wife to be Pat Kilgore from Dothan, Alabama. Pat taught at one of the Elementary schools on the base. We dated all summer and married in November 1966. In December of 1966, I received orders to Vietnam, where I fought in a 105 Howitzer Battery for all of 1967. I returned to Columbus, Georgia upon my release from the Army and after Pat finished her school year we moved to Fairfax.

I started my sales career in Northern Virginia where I marketed various products to various Federal Government accounts. One of those products was the first desktop computer, which happened to be as large as a desktop and only had a memory of 32 instructions. By the 70s, I focused on the printing and publishing industry end of the computer industry and got out of government sales environment. I sold the first system to automatically merge text and graphics on a page automatically to high end publishers to eventually becoming database publishing.

Meanwhile, Pat and I moved from place to place within Fairfax, ending up in a home close to the town of Clifton for 30 years where we raised our adopted son Brian, 33 who resides in NVA and works at the Pentagon and daughter Pam, 25 who lives in Hawaii with her sailor husband teaches in an elementary school while getting her masters degree. We are waiting for our first grandchild.

I officiated football for 15 years to include ankle biters, high school and college.

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