Barbara Ioanes

It’s been quite a ride and some things never change. Fifty years ago we had our first Catholic President and today our first President of color. I marched for Civil Rights and Women’s Rights, and for peace in Vietnam, and we remain at war today, with women still hitting the glass ceiling.

Fifty-two year ago, I began my mornings walking to George Mason, sometimes with Bill Clewlow. Perhaps we would run into Lee Rhoads or Cappy Garity or others from what we called the Poplar Hill gang. It was great to attend school with neighborhood kids again, Pat Govern and I had attended Holy Trinity in Georgetown our first two years of high school, and I was very glad to be in a local school again.

My old next door neighbor, Oma, introduced me to all her friends, and she knows everyone. Karen Sullivan had wheels and we would all sneak out for lunch at the Arlington Boulevard McDonalds and listen to the The Soundsai on weekends, who played lot of Buddy Holly.

We both left DC in 1964 and Joyce married. I took off on my own and toured Europe and ended up living one year in Greece, after falling in love with a Greek Naval officer. We lived under the Papadopoulos military regime/junta when many civil liberties were ignored. I made a living by teaching American English as a second language. Joyce died in 2007 of leukemia, less than 100 days after we did a bone marrow/stem cell transplant. I have greatly missed her. I’ve lived across the street for the National Zoo since the mid-seventies and been active in the Woodley Park Community Association for the past 30 years, presently serving as Veep. I spend a lot of time with my 94 year old mom, who just moved out of our Poplar Drive home.

I was widowed in my early forties to Chuck Andrews, who was lost at sea. We enjoyed scuba diving and had our son, Scott, who manages bands, and just received his MBA from GW. I also have two step-daughters and 4 step-grandkids. I married again to a great dancer, and we parted after ten years. I enjoy reading and fine art, flicks, walks, my garden, travel, visiting with friends, and the ocean still amazes me. I love rock n roll. I thank Luke for being in my life since St. James days and keeping our class together. Thanks to Bev as well, who I often forget did not attend GM, and to all of you for this 50th reunion and this wonderful ride down memory lane.

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