50th Reunion

The class of 1960 held our 50th reunion on October 8-10, 2010. A reception was held on Friday evening at the Tyson Westin, a tour of GM on Saturday afternoon followed with an impromptu lunch on Saturday evening at Cherry Hill Park on Sunday. We were fortunate to have the following classmates attend the reunion: Mary Frase, Jerry Johnston, Ben Schneider, Bill & Oma Gifford Hodges, Ross Connealy, Mike Tackney, Bill Henderson, Don Machrowicz, Mike Mahan, Patricia Govern Fruisz, Sue Levin Peck, Barbara Ioanes, Susan Miller Whitledge, Bob Garity, John Tvelia, Karen Sullivan Brower, Wilson Perry, John Cannon, Pete Myer, Mike Kelly, Pat Webster Benedict, Patricia Lay-Dorsey, Bud Roeder, Bud Garland, Tom Jacomet, Patricia Walter McFarland, Martha Benn Martin, Diane Wallingford McCarthy, Margaret Williams Roberts, Laura Carlo Piver, Dan Rollyson, Larry & Evelyn Case Cheatham, Jack Monroe, John Simon, Luke O’Hara, Mike McQuary and our special friends from 1961: Dave Hastie, Nadine Gasseau Held, Judy Fischer White and Bette Brown

Special thanks to all of the classmates who helped with the reunion, including: Barbara Ioanes for her numerous calls to classmates, Dan Rollyson, Patricia Lay-Dorsey and Pete Myer for all of the photos they took of the reunion. Thanks also to Ben Schneider for providing the music for the Reunion Dinner, Patricia Lay-Dorsey and Laura Carlo Piver for their inspiring remarks at the Reunion Dinner, Jack and Jerry Monroe for providing the special name tags and Molly O’Hara Dowley for her help with the class website and the reunion dinner slide show. Also special thanks GM Booster Club for arranging tour of GM.

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