Patricia Lay-Dorsey

Update from 2015:

My life and work as a photographer continues to give me incredible delight and satisfaction. I have also been fortunate to have quite a bit of international recognition coming my way, recognition that has led to exhibits, a published photography book, online features, presentations, etc. You can see and read all about it on my website,, or simply Google Patricia Lay-Dorsey. My favorite platform for sharing my photos is currently Instagram, and my username is @patricialaydorsey. I’m afraid I will have to miss our 55th reunion but send my love and will be with you in spirit.
Sending love and gratitude to Luke and Bev,

Update from 2010:

Life as improv: thata��s been my experience over these 50 years. One note leading to another, traveling in unexpected yet natural directions.A�A masters in social work led to work with children in an inner city Detroit hospital. Drawing with the children led back to school, this time in art. A career in art led me to facilitating art therapy with people from around the world at a global refugee shelter. Work with the refugees opened my eyes to the price of war, an awakening that sent me out on the streets as a committed peace activist. Demonstrating on behalf of an unjustly detained co-founder of one of the Arab worlda��s largest relief organizations led me to visit him and his family in Beirut, Lebanon in 2005. Living with the effects of MS for 20 years inspired me to create a photo project of self portraits that ended up being featured on the NY Times Lens blog in November 2009.A�I discovered digital photography through keeping a daily blog for six years, and since 2006 have been a woman obsessed with this new revista infancia y aprendizaje. way of expressing myself creatively.

When Smith College School for Social Work sent me to Detroit for my second year field placement in 1965, I met and later married a wonderful man named Ed. For the past 44 years I have been fortunate to live in a city I love with a man I adore. And the song continuesa��A�I invite you to email me atA�playdorsey@comcast.netand come visit my website atA� blackmarket cialis.

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