Larry Hanna

After leaving GM, I spent a year in prep school where my parents hoped I would develop some study skills.A� It worked.A� I went on to get my B.S. with dual majors in biology and chemistry from Lynchburg College.A� Mrs. Rooney would be so proud.A� I then moved down to Blacksburg and entered a PhD. program in biochemistry at VA Tech.A� I finished my M.S. there but wasna��t interested in the research they were doing, so I transferred to Vanderbilt University in Nashville.A� At Vanderbilt, I was pursuing a PhD. in physiology and M.D.A� While at Tech, I had to use photography to document my research and I became very interested in it.A� In Nashville, I began doing photography professionally on the side.A� I had gotten married before my senior year at Lynchburg and after my first year at Vandy, I decided that it wasna��t going to work out.A� We divorced and I took a year off from grad school to work as a research biochemist at Vanderbilt.A� During this hiatus, I really got more and more involved in photography.A� After completingA� my first year of med school and finishing my course work for my doctorate, I decided that I wanted to follow my heart and I quit to pursue a photographic career.A� Boy were my parents happy.

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I moved to southern California and got a job with Star Kist Foods doing product development work, while I took some photography classes at night.A� After 5 years in CA, I moved to Las Vegas in 1976, to get away from all the freeways and traffic.A� Vegas was small then with about 300,000 people now there are around 2 million.A� I opened an all purpose photography studio, but quickly found my niche in resort photography.A� I do mostly photography for advertising purposes for the resorts here, although I do work nationally for Four Seasons and some other properties.A� You can check out what I do atA� .
I got married again in 1983 and have remained so this time.A� My wife Peggy and I have two children.A� Brandon is 24 and attending UNLV while working.A� Our daughter, Brittany, is 22 and just graduated cum laude from Rockhurst Univ. in Kansas City.A� She attended college on a tennis scholarship.A� Mike Mahan is probably wondering where she got that gene (he used to beat me regularly).A� Brittany is now working on her doctorate in physical therapy.A� I look forward to her being able to treat my many ailments.A� I played rugby while at Vandy and feel the effects every morning when I roll out of bed.

I am doubtful, at this time that I will be able to make the reunion.A� I have started teaching some photography classes at a local college that will keep me very busy along side my regular work.A� I have had the privilege of communicating with Patsy Lay Dorsey this past year.A� If you havena��t done so, you should look at her website .A� Her work is so incredible.A� She is really an inspiration.A� I would love to catch up with many others.

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  1. George Toregas says:

    Hey, Larry…haven’t seen or spoken to you in decades…you and your family present a nice picture…contact me by email…best wishes…gt

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