Kay Ferrell Mikula

custom top kick 4×4 for sale. I am Sorry that I will not make the 50th but hopefully the next one. A�It was great talking to Barbara Ioanes. I got married in 1965a��45 years! A�I left VA and lived in Chevy-chase MD and then Atlanta GA for several years returning to Northern VA in 73. A�After leaving GM, I went to University of Kentucky along with Susan Miller and Karen Strauss. My major at Kentucky was psychology which qualified me to do nothing so I went back to school first at the University of Maryland and then Georgia State University. A�I am a biology teacher which would definitely surprise Mrs. Rooney and Mrs. Shannon. A�I taught full time in Fairfax County for 26 years. After being retired for a year, I found I had too much time on my hands so went back to teaching part time. A�I teach every other day which is perfect. A�I keep saying that I am not going to do it another year but I really enjoy it. A�A�My husband, Jerry, is retired from GSA. A�In addition to my teaching I volunteer with the Smithsonian. A�In

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