Charles R. Garity

Trying to recap 50 years in a brief and interesting format will be a real challenge.Ai?? Here we go.

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After George Mason I attended Georgetown U. graduating with a BSBA in 1964.Ai?? Air Force ROTC was part of my curriculum.Ai?? I qualified for USAF Pilot Training and was assigned to Moody AFB in Georgia.Ai?? My assignment was F-4 Phantoms and I completed training in Las Vegas and South Carolina and then had a brief tour at Toul Rossiers in France before being assigned to SE Asia in 1968 for a combat tour at Udorn AFB in Thailand. I was fortunate to survive 100 missions over North Vietnam as aircraft commander of an RF-4C and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and 11 Air Medals.

Following this was a two year assignment to RAF Alconbury in England where I continued my education and earned an MBA from the U. of Utah attending night classes.Ai?? This was a fabulous assignment ai??i?? flying F4ai??i??s during the week and open cockpit bi-wing Tiger Moths at the Cambridge Flying Club with my British friends on the weekends.

Next was Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas where I was an F-4 Instructor Pilot and Functional Test Pilot.Ai?? After nearly 8 years of active duty I left the Air Force in 1972 and went to work for Ford Motor Co. in St. Louis.Ai?? I joined the Missouri ANG in St. Louis and continued to fly F-100ai??i??s in my spare time.Ai?? In 1979 I was promoted to a marketing position at Ford Corporate HQ in Michigan.Ai?? I joined the Michigan ANG in an F-4 Interceptor squadron and was promoted to Lt. Colonel.

In 1983 Volkswagen of America moved their corporate HQ to Michigan and hired me away from Ford as their corporate marketing training manager.Ai?? In 1986 I was assigned to open a new Audi regional office in San Francisco, which ended my military flying. Ai?? In 1989 I returned to Auburn Hills Michigan as National Advertising Manager for Audi and in 1993 I became Marketing Director for Volkswagen of America.Ai?? In 1996 I moved to Philadelphia as Area Executive for the NE Region and in 2000 I moved to the Mid-Atlantic Region in Washington.Ai?? In January 2007 I took advantage of a wonderful Volkswagen retirement package and am now enjoying the good life in the area where I grew up.

Here,,,,,,,,,,,,, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here. In 1993 I married Susan Guarda in Michigan and she has managed to put up with me for 17 years.Ai?? She is the best thing that ever happened to me.Ai?? We live in River Creek in Leesburg, VA.Ai?? I have three sons by previous marriages.Ai?? David in Atlanta, Ryan in Eugene, Oregon, and Mark, age 20, in Tuscon, AZ.
My Volkswagen retirement allows me to pursue my flying passion and hobby on a regular basis.Ai?? I am an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for Atlantic Airways at the Leesburg, VA airport and provide flight instruction for Private, Instrument and Commercial pilots almost every day.Ai?? Life is good.

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I feel very fortunate to have enjoyed 50 years of good health, interesting employment and a close knit family.Ai?? Attached is a photo of the Garity family reunion which took place two years ago.Ai?? I am in the back row with my son Ryan and my sisters Peggy, Lorry and Eileen are in the previous row.Ai?? I look forward to seeing everyone in October.

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  1. Joseph Bradt says:

    Have been searching the web for your name yet again and finally found this short bio. You lived the life I wanted but was denied by the doctors in 1965 as being pre-diabetic. I am so glad to see one of my best friends from grade school has had such a sterling flight record followed by corporate success and a happy marriage. I, too, am retired and living quietly with the love of my life (pin-mate from GWU) with whom was reconnected via Facebook after not seeing her for 35 years. We are living in Christiansburg, VA near VaTech which we both attended (me for 2 years before GWU). Have remained lifelong friends with Tony Guida from our class at St. James who lives near Glen Echo and is widely known as Cardinal Sinnius Lascivious Vice at the Maryland Renfaire. Hope to hear from you as memories from our youth exploring the woods and biking to Lake Barcroft are still vivid and I would like to keep in touch.

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