Barbara Ioanes

Ita��s been quite a ride and some things never change.A� Fifty years ago we had our first Catholic President and today our first President of color.A� I marched for Civil Rights and Womena��s Rights, and for peace in Vietnam, and we remain at war today, with women still hitting the glass ceiling.

Fifty-two year ago, I began my mornings walking to George Mason, sometimes with Bill Clewlow.A� Perhaps wea��d run into Lee Rhoads or Cappy Garity or others from what we called the Poplar Hill gang.A� It was great to attend school with neighborhood kids again, Pat Govern and I had attended amoxicilin. Holy Trinity in Georgetown our first two years of high school, and I was very glad to be in a local school again.

My old next door neighbor, Oma, introduced me to all her friends, and she knows everyone.A� Karen Sullivan had wheels and wea��d all sneak out for lunch at the Arlington Boulevard McDonalds and listen to the a�?The Soundsa�? on weekends, who played lot of Buddy Holly.

In 1964, a Pentagon agency hired me as an experiment to see if they could teach a civilian a�?girla�? to grogram a computer.A� It apparently worked, as I retired as a quality assurance analyst for computer software 15 years ago.

My sister, Joyce, and I lived together in Adams Morgan during the riots of 1968.A� We both left DC that summer.A� Joyce married.A� I took off on my own and toured Europe and ended up living one year in Greece, after falling in love with a Greek Naval officer.A� We lived under the Papadopoulos military regime/junta when many civil liberties were ignored.A� I made a living by teaching American English as a second language.A� Joyce died in 2007 of leukemia, less than 100 days after we did a bone marrow/stem cell transplant.A� I have greatly missed her.

Ia��ve lived across the street for the National Zoo since the mid-seventies and been active in the Woodley Park Community Association for the past 30 years, presently serving as Veep.A� I spend a lot of time with my 94 year old mom, who just moved out of our Poplar Drive home.

I was widowed in my early forties to Chuck Andrews, who was lost at sea.A� We enjoyed scuba diving and had our son, Scott, who manages bands, and just received his MBA from GW.A� I also have two step-daughters and 4 step-grandkids.A� I married again to a great dancer, and we parted after ten years.A� I enjoy reading and fine art, flicks, walks, my garden, travel, visiting with friends, and the ocean still amazes me.A� I love rocka��n roll.A� I thank Luke for being in my life since St. James days and keeping our class together.A� Thanks can i trust canadian viagra online. to Bev as well, who I often forget did not attend GM, and to all of you for this 50th reunion and this wonderful ride down memory lane.

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